Leisure Insurance

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What is Leisure Industry Insurance?

Leisure industry insurance, also known as leisure and hospitality insurance, is a specialist type of insurance designed to protect businesses operating in the leisure and entertainment sector. This sector includes businesses such as hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, fitness centers, sports facilities, entertainment venues, and more. Leisure industry insurance provides coverage against the unique risks and challenges faced by these businesses, which often involve interactions with the public, various activities, and potentially hazardous environments.
  • EProperty Coverage: Protection for physical assets, including buildings, equipment, furniture, and fixtures, against perils like fire, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters.
  • ELiability Coverage: Coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims made by third parties, such as customers or visitors, while on your premises. This is crucial for businesses that interact with the public.
  • EBusiness Interruption: Coverage for lost income and additional expenses if your business operations are disrupted due to covered perils, such as fire or water damage.
  • EEvent Cancellation: Provides financial protection in case you need to cancel or postpone events due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, illness, or unexpected venue issues.
  • ERecreational Activities: Coverage for accidents or injuries that may occur during recreational activities, such as swimming pools, fitness classes, or adventure sports.
  • ECyber Liability: As businesses in the leisure industry often handle customer data and online transactions, cyber liability coverage protects against data breaches and cyberattacks.
  • EProperty of Others: Coverage for damage to property that belongs to others and is in your care, custody, or control, such as guests' belongings in a hotel.

How can we help?

We’ll Assess the Risks

We will assess the specific risks and insurance requirements of your company. We will review the nature of your business, whether it’s a hotel, resort, amusement park, sports facility, or entertainment venue. We will identify potential risks such as property damage, liability, equipment breakdown, event cancellation, and public/employee injuries. This assessment helps us determine the appropriate insurance coverage needed to protect your assets and mitigate potential liabilities.


Access to Leading Insurance Providers

We have access to a wide network of insurance providers specialising in the leisure industry. We can approach multiple insurers on behalf of your company, obtaining quotes and comparing coverage options. This allows us to find the most suitable policies that address the unique risks faced by your company. We can also negotiate terms and conditions and leverage our relationships with insurers to obtain competitive pricing.


Insurance Unique to the Leisure Industry

The leisure industry often requires specialist insurance coverage tailored to specific activities or events. As an insurance broker we can help identify and arrange specialist coverage, such as general liability insurance, property insurance, equipment and machinery coverage, business interruption insurance, event cancellation insurance, and liability insurance. We ensure that your insurance program is comprehensive and tailored to its specific needs.


Risk Management Procedures

We can assist leisure companies in implementing effective risk management strategies. We can provide guidance on safety protocols, risk assessments, security measures, and employee training programs. By helping you proactively manage risks, we aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents, property damage, and financial losses. This, in turn, can lead to better insurance premiums and improved risk profiles.


Complete Claims Management

In the event of an incident or claim, we act as advocates for your company. We assist with the claims process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is submitted accurately and promptly. We work closely with the insurance provider to expedite claims resolution and negotiate fair settlements. Our expertise and knowledge of policy terms and conditions help maximise the your chances of a favourable claims outcome.


Ongoing Policy Reviews & Support

Leisure companies often face changing insurance needs as their operations evolve, new activities are introduced, or events are organised. As your insurance broker we provide ongoing policy review and support, ensuring that the insurance coverage remains adequate and up-to-date. We stay informed about industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging risks, providing you with relevant insights and recommending adjustments to the insurance program as necessary.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of leisure risks do you cover?

We have a diverse range of expertise in covering leisure industry risks. From dry ski slopes to banger racing and 24-hour gyms, we cater to a wide array of activities within the sector. Our coverage is tailored to match the unique needs of different leisure businesses.

Why is leisure industry coverage important?

The leisure industry involves dynamic activities and interactions with the public, which can expose businesses to various risks. Our coverage provides financial protection against unforeseen events like property damage, liability claims, and disruptions, allowing leisure businesses to operate with confidence.