Haulage Insurance

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What is Haulage Insurance?

We’ll tailor your policy to suit your business.
Haulage insurance, also known as trucking insurance or freight insurance, is a type of coverage designed to protect businesses or individuals engaged in transporting goods over long distances using trucks or other commercial vehicles. This insurance provides financial protection against a range of risks and potential losses that can occur during the transportation of goods, such as damage to the cargo, accidents, theft, and other unforeseen events.
  • EProtection for Cargo: Haulage insurance primarily focuses on safeguarding the cargo being transported. It covers the value of the goods in case they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen during transit. This is crucial for businesses that rely on transporting goods to their customers or distribution centers.
  • ELiability Coverage: In addition to cargo protection, haulage insurance often includes liability coverage. This aspect of the insurance helps cover costs associated with bodily injury or property damage that might occur as a result of accidents involving the insured vehicles.
  • EAccident Coverage: Haulage insurance provides coverage for accidents involving the insured vehicles. This includes collisions, rollovers, and other incidents that can cause damage to the vehicle itself and other property, as well as bodily injury to drivers, passengers, and third parties.
  • ETheft and Vandalism: Haulage insurance can also provide compensation in case the cargo or the vehicle is stolen or vandalized during transit or while parked.
  • EAdditional Coverage Options: Depending on the specific needs of the business, haulage insurance can offer various optional coverage extensions. These might include coverage for breakdowns, legal expenses, pollution liability, and more.
  • ELegal Requirements: In many jurisdictions, having some form of commercial vehicle insurance, including haulage insurance, is legally required for businesses engaged in transporting goods. This helps ensure that potential liabilities arising from accidents or damages are properly covered.
  • ERisk Management: Haulage insurance isn't just about financial protection; it also encourages businesses to adopt better risk management practices. This might include driver training, vehicle maintenance, and safety measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents and losses.

How can we help?

We handle a wide range of motor insurance policies, ranging from small policies covering two vehicles to comprehensive coverage for taxi fleets exceeding 100 vehicles. Our expertise extends to electric vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) as well.

As the cost of vehicle repair parts rises, insurance providers are closely evaluating the businesses they insure. This evaluation often leads to adjustments in insurance premiums, especially following claims. We collaborate with insurers who are willing to embrace these challenges and partner with clients to enhance their claims history. By doing so, we contribute to the reduction of their long-term premium expenses.

In addition to our core services, we also specialize in assisting haulage companies and businesses that employ drivers who fall outside the conventional age range of 25 to 70 years old. Our tailored solutions accommodate the unique needs of these enterprises, providing them with reliable coverage and peace of mind.

We go into the finer details of your business to give you peace of mind that you are fully covered.

What Do We Do?

Understanding Your Needs

We understand your Insurance Needs: We will first assess the specific requirements of your company. We will review your company’s operations, fleet size, types of vehicles, cargo being transported, and any unique risks associated with the business. This analysis helps us determine the appropriate insurance coverage required.

Haulage Insurance Specific To You

We are well-versed in the insurance market and have extensive knowledge of the available insurance options for haulage companies. We will guide you in selecting the most suitable policies from various insurance providers.

Risk Assessment

We can assist you in identifying potential risks and implementing risk management strategies. By conducting risk assessments and recommending loss control measures, such as driver training programs, safety protocols, and vehicle tracking systems, we can help minimise the likelihood of accidents or losses. This proactive approach can help lower insurance premiums and improve the company’s overall risk profile.

Dedicated Claims Handling

In the event of an incident or claim, we act as intermediaries between the haulage company and the insurance provider. We assist with the claims process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is submitted correctly and promptly. We advocate for our clients’ interests and help negotiate fair settlements, maximising the likelihood of a positive claims outcome.

Stay Updated

Insurance needs can change over time as a haulage company grows or diversifies its operations. As an insurance broker we provide ongoing support, continually reviewing and adjusting the insurance coverage to align with the evolving needs of your business. We also keep the company informed about industry trends, regulatory changes, and new insurance products that may be relevant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need haulage insurance?
Haulage insurance is essential to safeguard your cargo, vehicles, and business from potential losses and liabilities. Accidents, theft, and damage can occur unexpectedly during transportation, and this insurance provides the financial support needed to recover from such events.
Are there different types of haulage insurance?
Yes, there are different types of haulage insurance policies tailored to specific needs. These can include single vehicle policies, fleet policies for multiple vehicles, and specialised coverage for specific cargo types or routes.